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Indigo Education Company is dedicated to helping students and educators maximize social-emotional learning, engagement, performance, and career readiness in Grades 6-12.  Using the Indigo Assessment and related tools, individuals and groups gain insight into their personal skills, traits and motivators. The Indigo Dashboard, curriculum resources, our online course, and professional development support the attainment of each school’s goals.


Students take the Indigo Assessment twice while enrolled at the school, to measure personal growth and for the school to track trends.

We conduct workshops with teachers, administrators, students and parents to help all stakeholders support student success.

We run and present data analytics that are used to highlight trends relevant to improving graduation rates & predicting academic outcomes. 


Indigo Solutions: Indigo Education Company in Schools

We work with high schools across the country to deliver learner profiles, customize learning paths, and align graduate opportunities.

Our personalized platform creates learner profiles based on self-awareness, helps students create meaningful post-secondary plans, and provides social and emotional guidance.

What Indigo Offers Middle and High Schools

Indigo Education Company offers Middle Schools and High Schools a wide set of tools including:

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