Indigo Education Company has developed a data driven technology platform to empower students to pursue fulfilling futures. Grades 6-12 schools and Higher Education/Post-Secondary clients access the Indigo Technology Suite that equips them with assessment information, data analytics, curriculum, online courses, and career pathway opportunities.  With these, they improve engagement, performance, counseling, collaboration, retention and career readiness throughout their organizations. The Indigo Assessment and related tools provide students and educators insight into their personal skills, traits and motivators, while helping educators to customize plans for each student.

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Example Indigo Assessment Summary Page.

Example Indigo Assessment Summary Page.

It Starts With the Indigo Assessment

The Indigo Assessment is a multi-dimensional, comprehensive tool to help students and educators gain insights through self-awareness of their behaviors, motivators and skills. In combination with the Indigo Dashboard and other products and services, the Indigo Assessment can help you transform your organization. Click below to learn more about the Technology Suite and to request a demo.

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